“What is CSA?” – An Easy Explanation

“CSA? What is that?” This is a question we encounter often, and you, as a CSA member probably do to!  The crew here at Forsythe Farms CSA wants to help you out with an easy way to explain what it is that we do:

 We deliver fresh, locally grown produce right to your door!

The CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” – which means that YOU support US in growing your food locally, and allows you to receive produce freshly picked from the field.

Fresh, flavourful food from a trusted neighbour

Our members support local sustainable agriculture by signing up at the beginning of the season to receive a weekly “farm share.” This share is a selection of produce from our fields that is currently in season.


As different vegetables are ready to harvest, you will notice different varieties of produce showing up in your shares. Also – later in the summer we have Niagara sourced cherries!

This variety of different foods allows you to incorporate plenty of healthy food into your diet, and gives you opportunity to try out all sorts of new recipes and combinations! (we have several great recipes available right here on our blog, and we often post creative suggestions on our Facebook page).


When someone asks you “what is that CSA thing you’re a part of?” you can share this  graphic that shows how the CSA process works:


3 Steps to Becoming a Member

  1. Sign up online or order by phone.
  2. Select your share size, order add ons like farm fresh eggs & pick your delivery preferences.
  3. Sit Back, receive wonderful produce & recipes while enjoying all the benefits that come with supporting your local farm.


If you or anyone you know would like more information about Forsythe Farms Community Supported Agriculture, you can contact us anytime at forsythefamilyfarms.csa@gmail.com


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