Planting Generosity Podcast

To operate alongside the Giving Garden project, the Forsythe Farms CSA team is releasing a series of podcasts throughout the summer.


Through interviews with individuals living radically generous lives, this podcast aims to encourage others to give and to serve their communities.

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Episode 1 – Into the Garden

We learn more about The Giving Garden project by interviewing Sara-Kate, the garden project manager.

Ron Finley, Guerrila gardener for the urban community –

Apartment Gardening Book –


Episode 2 – Interview with Mike Lewis

In this episode we speak with Mike Lewis, host of Giving is Believing Podcast.

Mike’s website –

myLIFEspeaks –


Episode 3 – Interview with Shane Claiborne

This episode we speak with author and speaker Shane Claiborne about creating and living in healthy community.

Shane’s Community –

The Irresistable Revolution

Episode 4 – Interview with Matt Baker

We speak with Matt Baker, who operates The Storehouse community food bank out of Southside Worship Centre in Ajax, ON. We discuss how food banks are helping to meet the needs of hungry families in Durham, and how you can get involved.

Southside Worship Centre & The Storehouse :

Episode 5 – Dan, Jake & Darcy Discussion

The Planting Generosity hosts revisit some ideas brought up in previous interviews, discuss how they have been affected, and expand on some thoughts surrounding generosity and practical giving.

 Episode 6 – Interview with Meaghan Eldridge

We speak with Meaghan Eldridge from The Refuge Youth Outreach Centre in Oshawa. She shares the reactions of the youth and staff who came to take part in the Giving Garden and tells us about some of the programs The Refuge runs and how we can get involved.

The Refuge –